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Mini LiDAR Technology


Mini Lidar is a technology that is not much different from lidar technology in general, the difference is the device (platform) that brings lidar equipment.

Mini Lidar that carries the device is a drone, so the data acquisition time is very practical in its use and very practical in its licensing which is very different from the use of aircraft which in its implementation requires very long licensing time.

Using a drone device will be very well suited for mapping where the coverage area is not too wide around 100ha to 5000ha and relatively inexpensive costs compared to using lidar airborne.

Products produced from mini lidar are not different from lidar. One of the products is topographic maps and photo maps.

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Key benefit of a UAV + Mini LiDAR system

  • Security:  MINI LiDAR systems allow for quick and complete acquisition of an entire property while eliminating the on-the-ground logistics and dangers
  • Autonomy: easy-to-use even by non-surveying professionals: you don’t rely on third-party experts or pilots
  • Freedom of surveying when you want, where you want. Quick, light and easy mobilization: the whole system can be carried in a car trunk or airplane luggage
  • Rugged & Reliable: compatible with most difficult field conditions (extreme temperatures, humidity, vibrations, dust…)
  • Affordable exploration of limited areas (much cheaper than classical airborne LiDAR)


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